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Courts - Scotland - Diversity in Scotland???

Thanks to George Mcaulay for this snippet:

I received notice last night of a "debate" (thanks to Margaret Mclaren) which was being held in Glasgow to discuss the Scottish Executive's " Family" law proposals.

The debate was hosted by The Scottish Civic Forum, which is meant to foster debate, and is funded by The Executive, to do this and to examine discrimination.

The speakers were a fat broomstick- jockey from Women's Aid, a woman from Family Mediation Services Catholic Mothers Association, a poof from the "Equality" network who was worryingly thin, and someone from the Humanist Society. None of the father’s groups were informed by the SCF, so I phoned early doors and suggested that they were practising discrimination, as opposed to examining it, when they held a forum on Family Law but decided to exclude inviting men's and father's groups.

The lady who spoke to me, Leva Johnstrud, said that it was difficult to know of such groups. I suggested that unless she was on another planet two weeks ago, it would be difficult not to be aware, and that I thought her answer was ****.
After a few more points were made (like saying that I would be contacting the press, and her funding via The Audit Committee she agreed that they had been discriminatory, and that lessons would be learned.

In fairness to her, when I told her I did not much fancy going to hear some man-hating lezza wittering on, she assured me that that was not the case, and that they did want all views represented, and would I please go along.

Interestingly, before I arrived, Donnie Stewart, an LIP, heard her boss discussing me with a woman from a politician's office, so she must have phoned ahead!

At the meeting, a variety of organisations were present, including The Mother's Association, a woman from some Jewish association, ( she seemed little interested, maybe she was "trawled for" to add "diversity") the Diversity Officer for the Court Service, and various others.

As soon as I turned up, I delivered same lecture to the Chairwoman and her side-kick, who waffled on some, but eventually caved in- the poof was kicked off the panel and I was invited to represent fathers.

There were five other father's activists present and all made good points.
The Women's Aid witch, who was their to lobby for the proposed sweeping new powers of exclusion had had her gas put at a peep earlier, when I had exposed some of feminism's Dirty Little Secrets ( starting with Erin Pizzey's " of the first 100 women, 62 were as violent as the men they had left")

I made the point that existing orders went through on the nod, no proof required, and that they were already hugely abused, by individual women and by lawyer's who routinely advised women in divorce put in a phoney domestic abuse accusation, and to go to Women's Aid The One -stop Divorce Shop, where they would be told how to fabricate phoney claims were being put up by known as Women's Aid.

Point here is, lads, that Feminists are a bag of *****, they crumble when they are attacked aggressively by those in possession of the facts. They eat gentlemen for breakfast, being gentlemanly is playing into their hands.

Although the Women's Aid witch was squashed, I am afraid that there is still a considerable acceptance among the ordinary Joe or Jane that saintly women ( 100% of female population) are getting battered by evil brute men, ( 100% of male population).

Much to be done to educate general public. At a tea-break, I heard The Court Service chappie canvassing everyone for their views except the father's present. I challenged him, and he said that he would certainly like to hear from fathers-- I'll send details to anyone interested. I'm sure that the Court Service in England and Wales has the same, and following the comments from the cheeky twat in Mid-Staffordshire about F4J, perhaps F4j might want to speak to the diversity Officer and explain why they have to do that voodoo that they do so well?

In fairness, after getting gripped by the short and curlies, the Civic Forum did their best to encourage all sides to air their views, which is the very essence of democracy-- is there a comparable organisation in England?

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