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Courts - scotland - Scotland asks for evidence

Urgent Press Release for Grandparents/Parents/Extended Family

On 24th June 2004, the Scottish Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson at the Scottish Parliament, told a group from Grandparents Apart Self Help Groups Scotland, while presenting a petition to her on the new Family Law Proposals, Quote ‘What we need from you now is evidence? ‘

Prove it! Ms Jamieson is giving you the chance to tell them what is wrong with the system, they are now listening, now is the time to write your story completely in confidence. The Bill is now in the assessment stage, nothing will be published without your full consent. Send it to us.

On June 9th 2004 Grandparents Apart Self Help Groups Scotland were invited
by The Scottish Executive to the consultation stage of the bill to discuss the new Family Law Proposals.

We are hoping for Contact/Mediation/Family Education Centres where families can get help with problems before it gets to the point of no return, bitterness, courts fights etc. At the end of the day it is the children who suffer when families fall out.

Grandparents, Parents, Children, Extended family, if you are affected by this read on. What is required is evidence.

1. How children suffer from family arguments.

2. How the Social services handles cases.

3. How courts treat you when you attend them,

4. Non payment of carer’s allowance.

5. Remember, it is Family Justice, not only are the children paramount,
this is for you too.

.Send your stories in complete confidence to Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland, 22 Alness Crescent, Glasgow G52 1PJ, 0141 882 5658.

And contact your local MSP, they will help you.

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