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Family Goups -Grandparents: Grandparents caring in poverty

17th August 2004

"Grandparents Caring for Grandchildren are living in Poverty"

We would be acting less than our Honorary Patron Sir Bob Geldof's aims to rid the world of child poverty, if we did not speak out in a civilised society such as ours, on the poverty of our own children.

To comply with the UN Convention on Children, 26&27 which UK signed in 2000, the authorities must make sure children are being properly cared for. This is not happening, Grandparents are officially caring for grandchildren without help or assistance, some only on pension, trying to keep their grandchildren in a home environment, it appears the authorities would rather remove the children in these circumstances than pay needy grandparents a carers allowance.

It is double standards, Grandparents are regarded as irrelevant people on the one hand, but if they say nothing, are used as unpaid Foster Carers and live in fear of losing what contact they do have, When Jimmy Deuchars of Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland asked both authorities about their standing on this matter there answer was.

The Scottish Executive claims it is the local authority's decision to pay or not, and the payment should not be far off Foster allowance.

Glasgow Local Authority's says, pay with what?

It has to come from the Executive.

Meanwhile children and Grandparents go on living in poverty in our country while they pass the buck to each other.

We asked Children 1st if this could be child neglect, they answered quoting Articles 26 and 27 of The United Nations Convention on Children. We took that as an affirmative answer, otherwise they would have said no.


For further information please contact: Jimmy Deuchars
0141 882 5658
E-mail james@grandparents.fsnet.co.uk
Website www.grandparentsapart.co.uk

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