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Family Groups - Grandparents - Granny Bashing

On 15th September 2004 at 10am at Lincoln County Court. 360 High Street, Lincoln. LN 7PS.

The Guardians of our laws are to make a defenceless Grandmother homeless.

Mrs Margaret Vivian of Dunston Village Lincoln is being forced to sell her house at 76 to pay court ordered costs.

Mrs Vivian has a long bitter dispute with her daughter-in-law over contact with her grandchildren which has cost her thousands of pounds, leaving her penniless.

Margaret's son Bill was killed in his RAF fighter jet along with his navigator over the North Sea in 1998 and claims she and Bill each put up half of the money for the house they moved into with her son and daughter-in-law and grandson.

Her daughter in-in-law denies this, and claims they took Margaret in out of the goodness of her heart. And is claiming two thirds of the house, and trying to force a sale, claiming £4,563.40 court awarded costs in trying to get contact with her grandchildren, if successful it will put Margaret out of her house after ten years. There was no formal agreement between Margaret and her son, only a mothers trust.

"Bill must be turning over in his grave at this" says Margaret, we were always a trusting family as Bill was an Officer and a gentleman well thought of in the RAF.

Margaret has been proven in court to be a loving caring granny but still refused contact with her grandson and has been fined for asking about him at school. There is now a granddaughter whom she has never seen.

The law does not consider grandparents relevant people in cases regarding grandchildren. "There is no justice in these court proceedings, I have been treated dreadfully by the judges" says Margaret.

Now Margaret must appear in Lincoln Court on the 15th of September to have her house sold under her and the money taken from her leftovers.

Grandparents Apart Self Help Group Scotland has supported Margaret for a few years and travelled down to support her in a Court appearance when she was going through a real bad patch and suicidal, we continue to support her.

Jimmy Deuchars the group's chairperson says "it is awful in a supposed caring society that there is no support for a frightened frail old lady any closer to Lincoln than Scotland"

For further information please contact:
Jimmy Deuchars - Chairman 0141 882 5658
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Website: http://www.grandparentsapart.co.uk

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