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A list of websites raising some of the issues related to fathers. We hold no responsibility for the contents of the websites, but we are sure you will agree they may have significance:

Alabama Family Rights Association - HUNTSVILLE, Alabama
Center for Successful Fathering - AUSTIN, Texas
Men & Fathers Resource Center -

Fathers for Equal Rights - DALLAS, Texas
National Fathers' Resource Center - DALLAS, Texas
Texas Fathers for Equal Rights - FORT WORTH, Texas
Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights - MIDVALE, Utah
Kids' Turn - SAN FRANCISCO, California
Falsely Accused - SAN FRANCISCO,

Coalition of Parent Support - SACRAMENTO, California
National Congress for Fathers & Children - BEVERLY HILLS, California
Fathers' Manifesto ( Official WebSite ) - SAN DIEGO, California
Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange ( F.R.E.E ) - SANTA CLARA, California
Divorced Fathers - SCOTTS VALLEY, California
Family Injustice - CITRUS HEIGHTS, California
Fathers Resource Center - ENCINITAS, California
J.A.I.L. for Judges - HOLLYWOOD, California
Men Against Discrimination - LODI, California
The Fathers' Group, Inc - SAN DIEGO, California
National Coalition of Free Men, L.A. - LOS ANGELES, California
United Fathers of America - TORRANCE, California
Fathers' Rights Coalition - PARADISE, California
Nevadans for Equal Parenting - RENO, Nevada
Fathers & Families - BOSTON, Massachusetts
CPF The Fatherhood Coalition - MILFORD, Massachusetts
Children Fathers Together - PLYMOUTH, Massachusetts
American Coalition for Fathers and Children St Louis
Chapter - SAINT LOUIS, Missouri

National Center for Fathering - KANSAS CITY, Missouri
National Congress for Fathers & Children - OVERLAND PARK, Kansas
Fathers On Rights for Custody Equality
( F.O.R.C.E.) - GLASGOW, Kentuky

Center for Children's Justice - DENVER, Colorado
Center on Fathering - COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado
Fathers Awareness of Rights and Custody Equality - COCOA BEACH, Florida
Parents Without Rights - FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida
Florida Fathers United - HIGHLAND CITY, Florida
Stay At Home Dads - PENSACOLA, Florida
Tulsa Area Father's Rights Association - TULSA, Oklahoma
Dads Are Displaced - TULSA, Oklahoma
The Fathers Rights Fondation - BATON ROUGE, Louisiana
Lousiana Dads - MILTON, Louisiana
Fathers On Rights for Custody Equality of Louisiana (
F.O.R.C.E.) - YOUNGSVILLE, Louisiana

Fathers' Rights Association of New York State - NEW YORK
CITY, New York

Victims of Child Abuse Law N.Y. ( VOCAL NY) - UTICA, New York
Women For Fatherhood - BAYSIDE, New York
United Fathers of the Southern Tier - CORNING, New York
Virginia Coalition for the Restoration of Parent's Rights ( political site )
Custody Reform ( Caring Dad )
A Kids Right - BALDWINSVILLE, New York
Equal Rights for Fathers - ROCHESTER, New York
Fathers' And Childrens' Equality - CINNAMISON, New Jersey
We the People - CEDAR GROVE, New Jersey
New Jersey Council for Children's Rights - BLOOMSBURY, New Jersey
National Coalition for Free Men - MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota

Resource Center for Fathers & Families - BLAINE, Minnesota
Mens's Defense Association - FOREST LAKE, Minnesota
Remembering Kids In Divorce Settlement : R-KIDS - EDINA, Minnesota
Parents And Children for Equality (PACE) - CINCINNATI, Ohio
DAD Children need their Dads - NASHVILLE, Tennessee
Tri-Cities Dad - JOHNSON CITY, Tennessee

Childs Best Interest - COLLIERVILLE, Tennessee
DADS Dads Against Descrimination - CORVALLIS, Oregon
DADS Dads Against Descrimination, USA - ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico
South Carolina Family Court Reform - SUMMERVILLE, South Carolina
South Dakota Coalition for Shared Parenting - YANKTON, South Dakota
Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families - MADISON, Wisconsin
DADI Dads Against Divorce Industry - JOHNSTON, Iowa
Fathers Are Parents Too - LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia
Justice First - FAYETTEVILLE, Georgia - archive 2002
Georgians for Child Support Reform - TUCKER, Georgia
US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud - DECATUR, Georgia
United Fathers of America - SEATTLE, Washington
National Brotherhood of Fathers Rights - EDMONDS, Washington
Kids Need Dads - KENMORE, Washington
Separated Parenting Access and Resource Center ( SPARC ) -
KENMORE, Washington

American Coalition for Fathers & Children - WASHINGTON D.C., Virginia
American Fathers Coalition - WASHINGTON D.C., Virginia
Shared Parenting USA - WASHINGTON D.C., Virginia
Fathers 4 Virginia - ARLINGTON, Virginia
Americans for Divorce Reform - ARLINGTON, Virginia
Virginia Fatherhood Initiative - CHESAPEAKE, Virginia
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children - ALEXANDRIA, Virginia
Single and Custodial Father's Network - PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania
Fathers Raising Children Project - PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania
Children's Rights Concil ( National ) - HYATTSVILLE, Maryland
Children's Rights Council - SILVER SPRING, Maryland
National Fatherhood Initiative - GAITHERSBURG, Maryland
Fathers United for Equal Rights Foundation - SILVER SPRING, Maryland
Non-custodial Parent And Grandparent Organization - GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan - archive 2002
Responsible Single Father - GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan
Dads of Michigan - SOUTHFIELD, Michigan
Children Hostages In Lifes Derangement ( C.H.I.L.D ) -

Fathering Magazine - HOUSTON, Texas
Divorce Source, Inc ( Search Engine ) - WASHINGTON D.C.
Fathers for Justice
Sign the Petition to create a NZ Ministry of Men's Affairs
law society complaints and human rights org
Fathers for Life (Walter Schneider)
International Men's Network
Mankind (UK)
Angry Harry
The Men's Issues Page
Dads Against the Divorce Industry
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Arizona Fathers Rights
Childrens Rights Council
Childrens Rights Council of Japan
Equal Justice Foundation
National Coalition of Free Men
The Memucan Institute of Men's Studies
Stop Abuse For Everyone
Kid Culture in the Schools - Creating Gender-Friendly Schools
Fathers are Capable Too
Men's Resources Quebec
Warren Farrell
Jack Kammer
Glenn Sacks
Nuance Journal
Stuart Birks' Gender Pages
Stuart Birks' Letters Pages
Men's Rights Agency
Dads on the Air
Shared Parenting Information Group
Shared Parenting Council of Australia
Tasmanian Men's Rights - Australia
Abused Men's Area - Useful resources
Fathering Magazine
The international journal of family policy and related issues
website (from Menweb) with a range of info/resources
The Father's Rights Network
The Pennsylvania Parenthood Initiative - PAPI
Men's issues - Countries other than the US
NCFM Electronic Network -
National Coalition of Free Men

The Men's Activism News Network
Scott Garman
Memucan Institute of Men's Studies by Alan Barron
Manhood Online Australian.
Men's issues on-line magazine, includes articles, threads, contacts, calander or events and more.
Australian Men's Party
Vancouver Men
"Men supporting each other through life's journey".

Stuart Birks' Gender page. - Lots of interesting gender links and commentary.
Dean Hughson's divorce homepage. This page plays When a Man loves a Woman when it loads. We love it! Designed to help people facing divorce.
Australian Family Law case database. Full text of family law appeals, good search engine.
Multiple Male Orgasm. - Come again? This one is worth a look!
Sexual Abuse of Males. - A discussion and review of statistics on the sexual abuse of male children, and a list of Web resources for males sexually abused in childhood.
At home dads' magazine. - Good reading by and about at-home fathers.
Parents' Place reading room. - Lots of reading about fathering etc.
At Home Dads. - Resources for male primary-cargivers.
Certified Male magazine (just the text)Certified Male.
Balance (Canadian pro-male gender justice magazine) -"Our world needs a new vision of equality between men and women - one that rejects the old extreme of one-sex dominance and lockstep gender roles, and also rejects the contemporary extreme of gender-based hostility and separate standards for women and men".
Full-time Dad Magazine. - Supports and encourages men in their work as fathers.
forparentsbyparents - www.forparentsbyparents.com looks at all the life changing elements of parenthood, even the grim bits!! Through the sharing of personal experiences, parents offer support, reassurance, information, ideas and practical solutions.

Links to:

False Allegations
To Search For Kids

Men Magazine. - Magazine of the Seattle Men's Eveolvement Network, edited by Bert Hoff. Includes lots of men's own stories, men's movement news, and lots of information and thoughts about the mythopoetic men's movement.
X-Y Men, sex and politics - Australian profeminist quarterly magazine about men and masculinities.
Information about domestic violence, by the Victorian government agency.

Co-Parenting Message Board
Dogpile -- Ultimate Search Engine
E-Mail/News Discussion Groups/Lists
Family Forever
Fathering Bibliography Menu
File a complaint against a Lawyer or Judge:
Internet Reference Sources
Men's Movement Literature
American Index of men, custody & divorce
American Legal Resources
Articles on the Men's Movement
At-Home Dad - Parentsplace
At-Home Dads
B.C. Fathers' Survival Guide to Resources
Both Parents
Brussels - Parents Forever International
California Divorced Parents' Rights
Canadian Bar Association - dial a law
Canadian Men's & Father's Support Groups
Certified Male links
Certified Male Magazine
Child Protection Services Advice
Children Need Their Mommy and Daddy, Even After Divorce
Choose Dad
Cristopher Robin
Coalition for the Preservation of Fatherhood
Coalition of Parent Support
Custody Under The Canadian Divorce Act
Custody Wars
D.A.D.S. Canada
Dad's Den, Parenting from a Male Perspective
Dad to Dad
Dads Against Discrimination
Dads Against Discrimination
Direction of the NSPA
Divorce Services
Divorce, Custody Resources
Divorced Dads of Saskatchewan
Domestic Violence against Males
Easton Alliance for the Prevention of Family Violence
Effects of Fatherlessness
Empirical Studies Related to Access/Visitation
Dads in the Kitchen
Dads Without Kids
Entraide Peres - Enfants Separes
False Accusations A-Team
False Accusations of Child Molestation and Abuse
Families Need Fathers
Fatherhood and Fatherlessness
Fathering Magazine
Fathering Resources and Issues
Fathers are Capable Too
Fathers Manifesto and Reaffermation and Declaration
Resource Center - Parentsplace Fathers
Fathers Resource Center
Fathers Rights Action Group
FRAG.htm Fathers United for Equal Rights and Women's coalition
Fathers' Groups -- San Diego Area
Fathers' Resource Center
France - L'Enfant Et Son Droit
France - L'Enfant et son Père
France Condition Masculine
France Fédération des Mouvements de la Condition Paternelle
Frannys Shared Parenting
Germany - Aktion Recht des Kindes auf beide Eltern
Germany - Bündnis für Kinder
Germany - Dialog zum Wohle des Kindes
Germany - dialog paPPa.com
Germany - Kindschaftsrechtsreform
Germany - paPPa.com
Germany - Väter für Kinder (fathers for children)
Germany - Väteraufbruch für Kinder e.V. FATHERMOVE
Good Men's Movement books
Groupe d'entraide aux pères et de soutien à l'enfant
HeartThread Internet Resource
House of Commons MPs
Husband Battering
Index of Father' and Childrens' resources
Index of Resources
International Fathers Organizations
Ireland - John Waters "Daddy Always Says Good-Bye"
Ireland - Parental Equality
Isreal Party for Men's Family Rights
Italy - Genitori Separati dai Figli
Italy - Papa' Separati
Jean-Paul Sartre Cookbook
John Knight's summary of Gov. Wilson's Summit on Fatherlessness 1.
John Knight's summary of Gov. Wilson's Summit on Fatherlessness 2.
Links to Family Law and Related Sites:
Lon Chaney with daughter and brother with Cloe (now 6)
Male/female pay equity reconsidered
Men's Internet News Exchange
Men's Issues Pages
Men's Issues Resources
Men's Rights Org.
Men and Domestic Violence Index
Men's Educational Support Association (MESA)
Men's Issues
Mens Movement Organizations
More Effects of Fatherlessness
Mothers Kill 55% of Children Murdered by Parents, Biological Fathers 8%.
Mothers Under Siege:
Tactics Of The Fathers' Rights Movement
Movement for the Establishment of Real Gender Equality (MERGE)
National Coalition for Free Men (NCFM)
National Coalition of Free Men
National Congress for Fathers & Children
National Congress for Fathers & Children a.
Netherlands - Het zál Vaders een zorg zijn!
No-Father Effects
Non-Custodial parents in Utah
Non-Custodial Parents' Participation in Their Children's Lives
Norway Men's Movement
Nova Scotia Shared Parenting Association
NSPA Initiative 97
NSPA Member Organizations
NSPA - National Shared Parenting Association.
NSPA Policy Proposal
On-Line Resource for New and Expectant Fathers
One man's Journey into Fatherhood
Parental Alienation Syndrome
Resource Center
Parents Forever Switzerland
Parents Rights in Child Custody Disputes
Professional Association of Custody Evaluators
Promise Keepers
Promoting Responsible Fatherhood
Canadian Provincial and Territorial Governments
Rational Anarchist - Essays and Commentary on Men's Issues
Reclaiming Fatherhood and Manhood
Resources for Men and Children
Shared Parental Responsibility Group
Shared Parenting in Practice
Shared Parenting Information Group (SPIG) UK
Shared Parenting Reduces Crime 1
Shared Parenting Reduces Crime 2
Single and Custodial Fathers Network
Single Dad's Index
Single Mothers and Mental Health - snip.
Smithsonian Revelation
Sos Enlevement d'Enfents Par l? Allemange
Stats on Support Arrears
Statscan 89-550, 1996, report on Parenting Style Effects and recommendations.
Statscan 89-550, 1996, report on the Effects of Single Mothers on Children.
Stories, Ideas, and Activities to Encourage Generative Fathering
link1 | link 2
Switzerland - paps e.VeV
Switzerland - Children and Divorce
The Domestic Rights Coalition
The Fatherhood Coalition
The Fatherhood Coalition a
The Fathers' Rights Foundation
The Fathers' Rights Foundation a
The Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange
The HeartThread Internet Resource Guide
The Invisible Boy
The Men's Defense Association - The Liberator Monthly Magazine
The Men's Defense Association
The Ultimate Frontier
The United Kingdom Men's Movement
U. of Washington Fatherhood Study
UK - Families Need Fathers
UK Mens' and Fathers' Rights
United Fathers Forum
United Fathers of America
United Fathers of America a
University of Washington Fatherhood Survey
Vancouver MEN's Evolvement Network
Welcome to Daddy & Me
Wisconsin Fathers for Equal Justice
Team H.O.P.E., Justice Department, Washington, DC
P.A.R.E.N.T. International 1 | 2 | 3
Steps to protect yourself during divorce
Success factors in obtaining custody
Tips on keeping documentation
Parenting Time Tracker
Pre-trial prerequisites
Tips for divorcing fathers of newborns
Access to school and medical records
Recording and transcribing conversations
How to hire an attorney
Hiring an effective attorney
Tips on free or low cost legal aid
Pro se tips
The layman's guide to being a good client
Choosing a custody evaluator
Preparing for a move-away/custody battle
Preventing domestic move-aways
Preventing international move-aways
TGB's Links
Parental Alienation Syndrome Archive
Articles page
Domestic Abuse of Men and Children, The Forgotten Majority
Dads Are Dads
Dads and Daughters
DADS National Center for Fathering
DADS American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Activism in Australia
Hug your kids (HUKO)


False Allegations

To Search For Kids
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