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Child abuse - More articles
Child Murder and Child Abuse By Robert Whiston

Whilst our Governments destroy the family, a proliferation of web news on child abuse is available.

Example web pages. Be warned, the material can be confronting and disturbing.

The original "Butterfly Kisses" site <http://home.uni-one.nl/hostroom/supergirl/> was taken down (removed) in 2002. The following pages are copies, for the purposes of example:

Other example pages:

Puellula - A Celebration of the Splendor of Little Girls

The Girl Love Webring

Female Paedophilia: Women's auxiliary of NAMBLA now on-line


WorldNetDaily.com Posted: 22 July 2002, 1:00 a.m. Eastern

Meet 'Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA' Website celebrates sex between adult women, young girls By Art Moore

Celebrating erotic relationships between women and young girls is the theme of a website called "Butterfly Kisses,*" which indicates the relatively unknown fact that pedophilia exists in significant numbers among females. [* http://home.uni-one.nl/hostroom/supergirl/ ]

While the site's creators do not identify themselves, posted articles show how some advocates are attempting to create an academic rationale for what is commonly and legally regarded as abuse and molestation.

"It's very dangerous when you begin to see women organize in the same way you have seen men organized to rape children," said noted researcher Judith Reisman,* who referred to the people behind the website as the "Women's Auxiliary of NAMBLA," the North American Man-Boy Love Association.
[* http://www.wnd.com/news/archives.asp?AUTHOR_ID=43 ]

While the site's opening page features an apparently wholesome photograph of a mother appreciating her child, "the primary goal" of presenting the subsequent material is clearly stated in the introduction as giving "women and girls a tool for expressing their feelings and their love about this controversial topic, and to get people to open their minds to ideas about romantic and erotic attraction between women and girls that our society in the past has not been able to discuss openly and rationally."

WorldNetDaily was alerted to the website by reader Sandra Hartle of Spanaway, Wash., a grandmother who is part of a group that
has helped shut down about 1,000 pornographic sites on the Microsoft Network's website communities.[http://groups.msn.com/]

She has discovered private sites on MSN depicting elementary school-age boys with adult men, but found "Butterfly Kisses" a particular threat to families like her own.

"Some of the information on this site is so terrifying to someone who has three granddaughters that I cannot express my shock," said Hartle.

"How someone could harm a child that is so tender and vulnerable is beyond my wildest imaginations," she said, "but when a woman can and does violate that child sexually it is somehow more devastating than even when you hear of these things being done by men."

The "Butterfly Kisses" website indicates it is hosted by an entity called "Ipce," which describes itself as a "forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults."

The Ipce* description says, "In this context, these relationships are
intended to be viewed from an unbiased, non-judgmental perspective and in relation to the human rights of both the young and adult partners."[*http://www.humanbeing.demon.nl/ipceweb/ now

Global scope

The Butterfly Kisses and Ipce sites have Web addresses that indicate their origin in the Netherlands. A story in the Autumn 1987 issue of the Dutch-based Paidika: Journal of Paedophilia recalls "The Dutch Paedophile Emancipation Movement"* which led to the world's most liberal laws on pedophilia.

Dutch law permits sex between an adult and a person as young as 12 if the younger person consents.

Can legal action be taken against a site like "Butterfly Kisses," which promotes an act barred by U.S. state laws?

A private agency called Web Police,* which investigates complaints of abuse on the Internet, notes that U.S. laws do not apply to the
global Internet.[* http://www.web-police.org/ ]

"We would have an officer in the Netherlands address it according to the country's laws, morals and code of ethics," said Peter Hampton, the founder of Web Police and several related agencies. "We can't tell Holland what should or should not be on the Internet."

But not much would likely be done in the Netherlands either, Hampton told WorldNetDaily.

"Their problem is the same that the United States has," he said. "No. 1, there has to be a law enacted that addresses the Internet

Then, said Hampton, you would need to find a police investigator,
prosecutor, judge and jury who all have the experience to address an Internet-related case.

"The majority of the time you're not going to find any of those, and that's where you run into your stone wall," he said. "So then we have to go directly to the suspect and see if we can resolve it
without the necessity of going through all that expense and trouble."

Hampton said he works regularly with the FBI, but "they've got their hands full" with thousands of complaints every day.

"We get 1,500 a day, so I can imagine what the FBI gets," he said. "They simply can't address all these issues and try to prosecute them. They don't have the manpower and they don't have the teeth in the laws. The president himself has said hands off the Internet, it's an international community."

Underestimated problem
How prevalent is pedophilia among women?

Hampton says that he gets an average of more than 200 reports related to female pedophilia on the Internet each day, including
websites, message boards and other forums.

It's growing, he says of the presence of female pedophilia on the Web, though sites related to male pedophilia are increasing at about 10 times the rate.

"But I was surprised that this was even an issue," he said of female pedophilia. "It's been since about two years ago that we've found it to be quite prevalent."

Linda Halliday-Sumner, a sexual abuse consultant in Courtenay, B.C., Canada, told WND that when she first began in 1980, about 1.5 percent of her cases were women who abuse minors. Within six years that increased to 11 to 13 percent. In the last 10 years, she said, at least 33 percent of her 325 cases a year have been women.

"It is very underreported," she said of the incidences of abuse by females. "When it is reported it's often dismissed or laughed at as
not being serious. Motherhood and apple pie, you know ­ we don't do that sort of thing."

Much of the opposition has been from women's groups.

"I have been strongly attacked and criticized because I've spoken out about female offenders," she said.

The Journal of Paedophilia devoted an entire issue to the subject of women in 1992. In the introductory article, which is posted on
"Butterfly Kisses," Marjan Sax and Sjuul Deckwitz write that while
little is known about it, "As we dug more deeply into our subject we discovered that erotic and sexual contacts between women and children under the age of consent do indeed occur. In speaking with female friends, once the shock of embarking on a discussion of the concept of paedophilia wore off, countless stories came out."

Studies in the 1980s by researchers David Finkelhor and Diana Russell estimated that in the United States about 14 percent of abuse cases involving boys were perpetrated by females. About 6 percent of the cases were of women who abuse girls.

While these studies give some clues, the true number of women who have sexual contact with children is probably severely underestimated, according to German psychologist Marina Knopf. In an article on "Butterfly Kisses" titled "Sexual Contacts Between Women and Children: Reflections on an Unrealizable Research Project," Knopf said that this could be because contacts by women are more of a taboo than those by men.

She writes that it "is less spoken of, more hidden, and the women do not have any groups they attend or have formed themselves as
do men. ... The strength of this taboo might help explain the enormous difficulty we had in finding women to interview."

Well-known pedophile advocate Pat Califia, who has spoken at mainstream institutions* such as Penn State University, writes in an
article posted on the "Butterfly Kisses" site that, "It is possible that sexual activity occurs more often between mothers and children or other women than between men and children. Women have more access to kids, and there are fewer taboos surrounding women's handling young people's bodies."

[* http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=27010 ]

Over the past ten years, book titles have included "Female Sexual Abuse of Children," published in 1993 by Guilford Press, "When She
was Bad: Violent Women and the Myth of Innocence," 1997 by Penguin Putnam, Inc. and "The Last Secret: Daughters Sexually Abused by Mothers," by Safer Society Press.

"The incidence of mother-daughter sexual abuse is unknown because it is a grossly underreported crime," according to a group called Making Daughters Safe Again,* which calls itself the "only organization in the world specializing in mother-daughter sexual abuse."[* http://mdsasupport.homestead.com/index.html ]

Among the membership, comprised of women who were abused by their mothers, less than 1 percent report that any intervention occurred. An article on the MDSA website* cites reasons for that, such as "the extreme rarity of the offender seeking treatment, the victim reporting the abuse, or the authorities discovering the crime." Other reasons include the fact that "therapists, social workers, doctors, teachers, etc., know very little about this form of abuse and/or do not consider it a possibility." Also, "perpetrators overwhelmingly appear like 'normal' caring mothers."[*
http://mdsasupport.homestead.com/files/Breaking_the_Silence.html ]

One MDSA member says about abuse by mothers: "I think that
there is such a stigma to it. People don't want to hear about it and don't want to know about it. I think it must be really hard for people to hear that someone who is supposed to be so supportive of us can betray us so badly."

A recent article by MDSA*, which cites research on the subject, says that in the past 20 years, "the incidence of child sexual abuse jumped from just one in a million to one in four or five children," according to a study by researcher Anne Stirling Hastings in 2000.[* http://mdsasupport.homestead.com/files/fpsa.html ]

"In this time," the article says, "the conception of female children as victims of inappropriate male sexual behavior has dominated the research, and thus our understanding of child sexual abuse. However, recent research consistently reveals that females account for about one in four offenders," according to Patricia Pearson's 1997 study.

In their introduction to the Journal of Paedophilia issue about women, Sax and Deckwitz go on to say, "When we embarked on this study we were also surprised that so little consideration had been given to the positive, fruitful side of relationships between adult women and minors. In conversations with female friends, we heard so many happy stories, related with genuine pleasure, that our feeling was strengthened that presenting a positive view of relationships between women and young people was indeed justified."

Big Sisters

The "Butterfly Kisses" site includes links to branches of the Big Sisters organization and Girl Scout websites, suggesting that these groups present good opportunities for women who desire sexual relationships with girls.

Resources on the pro-pedophile site include articles under the heading of "Girl Scouts and Mentoring" with titles such as "Women
Mentoring Girls," "Big Sisters," and "Lesbians are to Scouting as Sunshine is to Summer."

In the site's reader forum, a participant identified as "Jean" posted a message Sept. 16, 2001, that said "this is the neatest forum. I have always been attracted to little girls (8-10 yr olds)."

"Jean" said she is a volunteer swimming instructor and asked members of the forum for their advice on "making little girlfriends."

The following day, "Poppy" wrote back and said, "You already have a convenient access to little girls as a swimming coach. Try showing them that you care about them more than your job asks you, i.e., help them with their daily problems, get to know them and become close with the girls who admire you."

Like "Poppy," many of the voices on the "Butterfly Kisses" site insist that they engage only in consensual relationships with children. "Poppy" suggested to the swimming instructor that she could offer to give a little course in kissing to a girl who seems to be flirting with her.

"But whatever you do," she advised, "don't force them to do anything they don't like. Good luck!"

Sax and Deckwitz try to address the obvious argument that "because of the difference in ages, a relationship between a minor and an adult is necessarily characterized by too great a power imbalance. The basis of this objection is that young people cannot always foresee the consequences of their actions, and that creates an opportunity for adults to use, or abuse, them. The wishes of the child are subordinated to those of the adult."

The authors object to that concern, however, arguing that "there is a power differential in every relationship. With children, great power differences play a role in their relationships with their parents, teachers, and even sometimes with their peers. We are dissatisfied with condemnations based on power imbalances."

Asserting rights

Like male pedophile advocates, many female promoters believe that children are being oppressed by adults who have taken away their right to fully express their sexuality in any way they see fit.

"Butterfly Kisses" includes a section called "Rights Advocacy" with titles such as "Feminism, Pedophilia and Children's Rights," by Pat Califia, "A Child's Sexual Bill of Rights," "The North American
Woman-Girl Love Association" and "Sexual Revolution and the Liberation of Children," by well-known feminist Kate Millett.

Unlike the male homosexual movement, says researcher Reisman, author of "Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences," "the feminist movement ­ and that includes the lesbian movement ­ has been vocal about 'It's not right to have sex with kids.'"

Nevertheless, Millett, author of the 1970 feminist tome "Sexual Politics," said in a 1980 interview reprinted in the book "The Age of
Taboo," that "certainly, one of children's essential rights is to
express themselves sexually, probably primarily with each other but with adults as well."

"Do you think that a tender, loving erotic relationship can exist between a boy and a man?" Millett was asked.

"Of course," she answered, "or between a female child and an older woman. Men and women have loved each other for millennia, as have people of different races. What I'm concerned about is the inequitous context within which these relationships must exist. Of course, these relationships can be non-exploitative and considering the circumstances they are probably heroic and very wonderful; but we have to admit that they can be exploitative as well ­ like in the prostitution of youth."

"Sexual Rights of Children," is an article published in 2000 by the
Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality* in San Francisco, which was founded by associates of famed sex researcher Alfred
Kinsey, a pedophile, according to Reisman's carefully documented
research. The article states that there is "considerable evidence" that there is no "inherent harm in sexual expression in childhood."
[* http://www.iashs.edu/ ]

While some believe they have "scientific evidence" to support that
assessment, the wounded lives of members of Making Daughters Safe Again present a stark contradiction.

"Too often, I prefer to be alone, because my heavy heart is too full of past pain," said one member. "My children get either a robotic mom, a sad mom or an empty mom. There are times when I meet their emotional needs, but there are times when I need to, want to and can't. I have to heal before it is too late."

Another lamented that "as a child my body belonged to someone else and I had no boundaries. I never felt safe or whole. It almost
feels like you are someone else. Almost as if you are the abuser. That you and her are one person."

Editor's note: The July issue of WND's popular monthly print magazine, Whistleblower, is a groundbreaking look at the issue of
homosexuality in America, particularly focusing on its obsession with youth.
Subscribe to Whistleblower at WND's online store, ShopNetDaily... click here If you'd like to sound off on this issue, please take part in the WorldNetDaily poll: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/polls/

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First the good guys (er gals!) site...

MDSA is the only organization in the world specializing in mother-daughter sexual abuse. We are also distinguished by the innovative online group experience we provide for survivors.

ANNOUCEMENTS:MDSA is a featured site! The interview was later quoted in a national press release. A documentary about mother-daughter sexual abuse is in the planning stages. A page about our online support groups is being developed for professionals. The MDSA Director is available for guest speaking, please inquire.etc, etc, etc...

And then examples from the paedophile women's site:

[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

Celebrating love between women and girls
[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]


Hello and welcome to "Butterfly Kisses". This web site is about and for women who are attracted to pre-teen and adolescent girls. Our primary goal is to give women and girls a tool for expressing their feelings and their love about this controversial topic, and to get people to open their minds to ideas about romantic and erotic attraction between women and girls that our society in the past has not been able to discuss openly and rationally. We also want to provide a place where women and girls can express themselves and can learn about their love in an atmosphere where they are
encouraged to feel good about themselves and their sexuality.

Obviously, the information presented here is of an open and frank sexual nature and there is no "tap dancing" around sensitive
topics. Hopefully, this will actually be a comfort to everyone because it will present "touchy" subject of female childlove to people to think about, without having to be influenced by sex-oppressed media, religion and governments. The topics discussed, articles/essays posted and the stories/poetry written on this site are different from what society's expectations of women and girls are, and as such this site strives to liberate women and girls from the oppression imposed on their sexuality.

Within the pages of Butterfly Kisses you will find sexual issues and topics of female, and particularly lesbian pedophilia, and some
of them will probably make some people uncomfortable. Some people will be pleased and some will be angry. But ALL should make you THINK. Our society needs to learn how to discuss highly controversial subjects without the "knee-jerk" reaction so prevalent today. Many of these topics, if we will just stop over-reacting to them and calmly, rationally think about them, may turn out to be less controversial than we thought. We might even see a side to the issue that we had never considered before, which helps us to better understand the controversy. It is only when we understand the various sides to an issue and are ready to discuss it calmly and rationally, that we can begin to effectively deal with it.

This web site is divided in several different sections to make it easier for everyone to navigate through its pages. In "Speaking Out" you can read about real life stories and about female desires and love for little girls. You can also send us your own stories and poems about woman/girl love and we will add them to our list. You can also do your own research into woman/girl love by exploring our "Media Guide" archives or "Library" where you can find many examples of women's attraction to little girls, either written in books, painted on canvas or acted out in the movies. We are always on the lookout for more examples of female childlove, so if you have any that are missing from our site, we would be more than happy to add them to our list.

I hope you will enjoy this web site!

(I wish to thank Xalex and Flickorna for their help with this web site, ipce* for donating their web space, and everyone else whose material appears on this site.)[* http://www.humanbeing.demon.nl/ipceweb/ ]

[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

GIRL SCOUTS AND MENTORING (all with links to article/details)


The History of Girls' School Stories by Ju Gosling 16/04/01
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The Domain of the Wandervogel Girls by Marion E.P. de Ras 05/05/01
The Cookie Crumbles: The Girl Scouts go PC. by Kathryn Jean Lopez 16/05/01
Women Mentoring Girls by Samantha 21/06/01
Public Schools Encourage Homosexuality by Bernadette Boyd 23/06/01
One W.N.B.A. Team's Social Leap in Marketing by Harvey Araton 23/06/01
Girl Scouts Attacked for Inclusion of Lesbians and Gays by June B. Mire, Ph.D. 23/06/01
National Organization for Women (NOW) Guidelines for Schools Sanction of Homosexuality and Lesbianism by N.O.W 23/06/01
Big Sisters by Sonya Weir 04/09/01
Little Girls Need Big Girls To Look Up To WNBA 04/09/01
The St. Paul Pioneer Press Report by The St. Paul Pioneer Press 26/09/01
Girl Scout Camp Recruits Children of Lesbians by Joyce Howard Price 26/09/01
It's a Girl Thing by Sally Sheklow 26/09/01
Alternative Fun in the Summer Sun by Michael Betsch 22/12/01
'Female Liberalism' Pervades Girl Scouts by Jason Pierce 22/12/01
Not Your Mother's Girl Scouts by Kathryn Jean Lopez 22/12/01
Lesbians are to Scouting as Sunshine is to Summer... by Andrea L.T. Peterson 06/01/02
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A new program thinks of itself as a gay and lesbian Big rothers/Big
Sisters by Beth Berlo 06/01/02
Differences That Matter and Indifference in Education by Unknown 25/01/02
Girls on Art Course Learn About Lesbianism and Cucumbers from Ananova 19/04/02

Child Mentor Program Advances by Adriana Cordovi 12/06/02
Teacher Made me Feel Special by Roberta Avery 10/07/02
'I Didn't Want Her to Get into Trouble' by Roberta Avery 10/07/02
Teacher Sent Girl Suggestive Message by Roberta Avery 10/07/02
Gay and Lesbian Scouts Received With Open Arms in Tolerant
Canada by James Brooke 20/07/02
Steamy Notes Improved Grades by Francine Dubé 20/07/02
Barrie Teacher Acquitted of Sex Assault by Francine Dubé 20/07/02

[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

Personal 'Stories'

[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

Lesbian Mother Speaks Out

The following appeared in "Lesbian Connection" (USA, November- December 1997). It is a response to an article called "Responding
to Abuse" that appeared in an earlier "Lesbian Connection.

About the 15-year-old and abuse: I would like to add what I think is a unique perspective. From 8th grade through my high school graduation I was in a relationship with one of my coaches. I now have a 14-1/2-year-old dyke daughter who dates and is sexually active with adult women.

While I abhor all types of child abuse perpetrated by anyone, straight or lesbian, let's not ignore some realities here. First, who cares if it is "breaking the law" to have sex with a minor? In my state it is also a crime for me to have sex with my wife. The law has no business in my bedroom, or for that matter, preventing me from marrying another woman. So let's not be too fast in supporting the law.

Second, as teens and pre-teens, many women -- straight and
lesbian-- had crushes on older women: teachers, coaches, actresses, etc. This is natural! And for some of us, these feelings were reciprocated by the adult women, and developed into gentle, loving relationships. Although my coach was closeted, she was not hesitant to have sex with me at 14 (she was 26). We parted when I graduated from high school and left for college. I will always be grateful to her for bringing me out. And the so-called experts want to say that I was exploited and manipulated? Give me a break! Any power imbalance was in my favor -- my coach was always giving and loving and tender, and never demanding! Was I damaged by the relationship? Praise the goddess, no! It did nothing but affirm my love for women.

I have always been open with my daughter about my lesbianism. While I would never try to manipulate her sexuality, I am very proud to be the lesbian mother of a lesbian daughter! At age nine she started having sex with other girls with my support and approval. My daughter looks femme, yet acts very butch and is completely secure in her sexuality. Her early experiences were with girls at school, in the neighborhood, on sports teams, etc. Actually, she had a lot of them. Then at age 12 she developed a crush on one of my friends. She told me about her feelings, and I replied directly and emphatically that I approved. Since that time she has mostly dated adult women. Whether we want to admit it or not, there are lots of lesbians who include teenage girls among the types of women they find appealing, sexually and otherwise.

As teens, some lesbians had their own loving sexual encounters with adult women. It is hypocritical for them to now deny that same opportunity to contemporary teenage lesbians. To me the ones being controlling and manipulative are those who tell the teens they must not have sex with adult women. Now that is control!

Rather than labelling them as "baby dykes" and dismissing them, we should encourage girls to come out and support them through
mentoring relationships (and yes, even intimate relationships with
adult lesbians when the feelings are mutual). My wife and I have
dedicated ourselves to being good role models for these girls. We refuse to dismiss or minimize their sexuality, and we support their inherent right to express it, even with adult women.

'Monica', Oklahoma City, OK.

[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

My Babysitter

Hello Everyone!

I first want to congratulate you on creating this wonderful web site. It's nice to see that lesbians are capable of intergenerational love, andspecially love for little girls. Although I'm not a girl-loving lesbian, I'm still a lesbian and I have and interesting experience from my childhood which probably determined my sexual orientation.

From the time I was eight years old I was babysat by a girl who was in her twenties. Her name was Mary and at first there was nothing unusual about her. I remember I loved to be around her and I couldn't wait for her to come to our home and look after me. It was mostly because she loved to play games with me and gave me all her attention to the point I wished she was my sister and lived with us in our home.

After couple of months since she first started to look after me, she became more affectionate towards me. She was giving me kisses whenever she had an opportunity, which was almost all the time. And I loved to be the center of attention, of course. Who wouldn't at that age. I never found her affection to be forced upon me. It was almost as if it came naturally, in course of our friendship. We couldn't play anymore without embracing first, and we kissed and hugged as often as we could. She was always so gentle and caring. I don't remember a time that she yelled at me even when I know I deserved it on several occasions. After some time I even stopped looking at her as my babysitter but as my playmate, a best friend, someone who is equal to me and who shared my interests and ideas.

Mary continued to babysit me for years, or more exactly until I turned eleven. During this time our friendship grew to a real, grown up love. We were lovers even though I didn't know it back then. We became more intimate, she taught me how to masturbate when I was only nine and she often went to bed with me during my afternoon naps where we continued to play with our bodies. I was never shy around her. She gave me countless baths and I learned more about my body during the baths with her, than I did by exploring it myself.

Our time together wasn't always spent on sex. She took me out to the movies, playgrounds, fun fairs. She loved to meet my
girlfriends from school and she always played with us, trying to create as much fun for us as possible. Sometimes the attention she gave the other girls made me jealous and then I would refuse to speak to her. I pretended not to care about her, not to love her any more, but she knew it was only a phase and as soon as we were alone again I was hers and hers only. There was nothing to stop us from sharing our love.

Then one day my parents decided I was too big to have a babysitter. It was the worst time in my life. I was eleven and entering puberty. I needed all support I could get and Mary was just the person I was looking for. But she couldn't see me anymore without attracting suspicion. We wrote letters to each others but it wasn't the same. I needed her hugs and kisses, I needed someone to hold me and look after me. I don't remember how many times I went to bed crying, thinking about her.

This withdrawal period lasted for six months until I got used to her
absence. But by that time I was becoming aware of other girls and my feelings for them. It was always girls, never boys that I looked at, admired and loved. And so since I've lost Mary, other girls and women entered my life. I grew up knowing I was different, that I was a lesbian.

At the end, I just wish to say that you have all support from lesbians like me. There are little girls who need your love and guidance and who will cherish it all their lives. Please continue to work on this wonderful web site and most important of all - continue loving your

Love and Kisses,

http://home.uni-one.nl/hostroom/supergirl/library/parenting/gmac.html [2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

Girls, Masturbation and the Clitoris
by Samantha

Why don't mothers encourage their daughters to masturbate,
and often? Why don't they caress their daughter's clits...?

While I think I know some aspects of the answer to this question, it seems to me that nature is on the side of masturbation, not the
mothers who discourage their daughters sexual exploration. Either in masturbatory expression or sexual activity with other girls.

I was recently reminded of the function of the clitoris in some reading that I was doing. It has NO function other than providing sexual pleasure. It is unrelated to reproduction. It has no connection to the elimination of body waste.

It is solely for sexual stimulation, the end result of which is sexual
orgasm. It is tiny, yet so powerful. Nothing in nature indicates that its use begins at puberty, or that it is only to be used in heterosexual contact. Girls lubricate vaginally soon after birth. Sexual potential is present from birth. The clitoris provides sexual stimulation early in childhood.

Mothers should be about teaching their daughters about their clits. We all should be about honoring the clits between the legs of young girls.

They even have pinups of young girls:
[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

They are proud of what they do and print their hate mail:
[2002: No longer available: Site taken down (removed)]

EMail Contacts

For contributions to the web site or for questions and suggestions you can contact Butterfly Kisses webmasters at bkisses@ziplip.com

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