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The Pilot Project is officially dead.

Althea Efunshile to OC:

25 May 2004

".... Therefore, the Pilot will be based on the current principle, as set out in the Children Act 1989, that the child's welfare will be the paramount consideration. In this context, it is the quality of contact between a child and his/her non-resident parent, rather than the simple quantum of contact, that is the more important issue. Further, it is a key aim of the project to encourage parents to step back from the adult conflict and focus exclusively on the needs of their children. Therefore the project cannot advocate a structured programme along the lines proposed by New Approaches to Contact in terms of specyfying from the outset the the quantity of contact. This focus on quality ahead of quantity will feature in the planning session(s) where both parents will be expected to work together to draw up their own plan for co-operative parenting"

Althea Efunshile is the Project Dircetor. She can be contacted on: Tel: 0207 273 1396

Second-in-line is Bruce Clark (the more culpable of the two - the man who gave us - yes - the Munchausen by Proxy debacle ). Tel: 0207 273 1288 bruce.CLARK@dfes.gsi.gov.uk

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