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Issues - Politics of Manhood

Thought provoking article from the USA


Emanuel McLittle
October 19, 2003

Not only have we Americans lost the powerful influence of real men, we also have universally accepted the counterfeit. Ray Romano, star of the award-winning CBS comedy sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond, is the quintessential man of modern America. This is manhood, as represented by the social engineers, to all of America's children.
Politicians have helped Hollywood and educators craft a new American man who, more often than not, is weak, dominated by his wife and without a sure footing in reality. He has a sit-down job and his voice is semi-effeminate, conveying no authority. Romano's tennis-shoe-wearing character is happy to live in a dysfunctional family where parents hate each other and principles are for suckers. He defines love as sex and is notorious for his need to consult with others regarding the major questions of life. He is rewarded for being insecure and needs assurance from everyone around him, giving the impression that his weakness and lack of self-assurance are virtues. He is sensitive and proud of his ability to cry on cue, eliciting public sympathy. This is the shape of men to come.
Intuition is out and consensus is in. To make matters worse, we have capitulated to the normalcy of homosexuality, making the idea of our creation by a Superior Male Being, who fitted woman for man, obsolete. The acceptance by most of the American public of the deep-throat kiss of Madonna and Britney Spears on MTV, a few months back, paved the way for a similar but worse assault on manhood, with the open-mouthed kiss of two men on stage at the annual, televised Academy Awards shindig, just last month. The new politics of manhood is the real reason for the thousands of missing children, the running blood from thousands of murders every year, the screeching cry morphing into rage coming from all too many children, 50 percent of whom live in homes where no man is present. The deceitful validation of our obtuse society is common to both major political parties, where there is a complete blackout of the reality that something is terribly wrong.
War is used to pump up a crumbling national spirit orchestrated by phony conservatives with the depth of a pothole puddle. Their fatal hope is that no one is watching; that there exists no reality beyond that which they create; that we are all blind to hyped daily news that leaves out too much truth. The fact that Someone is watching, who will never be swayed by their polls is just the beginning of their worst fears. Could it be that the suicide of dozens of American soldiers, real men, in Iraq shouts a message no one wants to hear?
Like slow-moving leeches cut off from the sunlight, the positive influence of real men is fast disappearing from the American scene. Notwithstanding the gallant service that firemen and police officers provided during the horrific tragedy of 9/11, plus the wars that followed, the poisoning of manhood goes unabated. There is no shortage of evidence that the absence of fathers has left mothers, sons and daughters with a type of emotional anemia. No-fault divorce in nearly every state has made it easier to take his money while baring men from the house and children. Where is the wisdom in awarding, in 87 percent of the cases, male children to mothers when it is male models boys need for mental and physical development? And why are psychologists and psychiatrists silent, who know the reason men comprise 90 percent of the two million prisoners in America? In the most educated nation in the world there are few studies that document why the mysterious influence of fathers' presence or the lack of it, provides the psychological constitution from which the personality of the child (and our world) is formed.
A 1988 study, reported in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, found that youngsters who attempted suicide differed little in terms of age, income, race or religion. However, researchers found, they were "more likely to come from homes where there was no dad." Another study conducted by Dr. Alfred A. Meager, who wrote Father Hunger, found that emotionally afflicted boys ages 1 to 2 often experience sleep disturbances, nightmares and night terror, disorders that begin within one month after the father leaves home.
Our daughters are living in a state of unconscious rage at the lack of available, strong, principled and good men. In a premature hunt for love, they are sexualized too soon: the means by which the next confused generation is born. Restoring real manhood is the only way out and the reason young people's total reject of politics, as dramatized by the lying struggle between liberal and conservative. The perpetual debate between liberals and conservatives has already proved a dismal failure, empty of real answers. There is something more, much more to our current national dilemma and we all know it. We must reconcile men - first, to their Creator and then to their wives and their children. Lastly, we must reconcile the influence of genuine manhood to government.
There will be nothing harder than the job of restoring genuine manhood. Too many of us have no idea what it means to be real, honest men. Being a man is not something that comes with pants or stick shifts. It is often gleaned from the examples of other real men, preferably our fathers. The sad truth is that the deficit we suffer today is due to the number of "missing" fathers, either physically, psychologically, politically and spiritually, who were persuaded to abdicate their roles. Children no longer recognize today's latte-drinking, spiked-hair dads, whose eyes affix to the TV every time silicone breasts fill the screen. No one seems to care that children are watching this mayhem, which sends the message that no one is in charge, anywhere. The larger community and the governments we wrongly elect are digging holes, pretending to rescue a world already buried. Where is the sense in that? Angry children more often than not join the political left in the incessant demand (for parenting) from government, producing the next set of policies that must be fixed by new, shinny-teeth politicians, with new promises.
We must prevent the current rupture of manhood from destroying our sons daughters. To begin with men must marry, live with and remain devoted to one woman his entire life. After seeking and finding his destiny, (not the same as a career) no goal should surpass the well-being of the children, living in a home with their biological mother and father. Marriage must never be debased to include homosexual couples. Imagine telling children that men, whose job it is to lead and protect our nation, participate in sexual activities involving a cavity used to eliminate fecal matter from the body. Imagine that other respectable men sell their word and bond to convince children this is what God intended for manhood. Such lies are the bottom layer of insanity for the next generation of men. The truth, about everything, is a must beginning in restoring genuine manhood. Anything else is the most sinister form of child abuse to boys and girls
There are many things in our favor. Each of us is born with a kind of homing device of sorts. It is a self-correcting mechanism. Intuition, if used, will telescope impediments to growth, so that change is easier. Our goal must be to rid ourselves of the selfishness that takes what we want rather than "do" what is right. No more of this clever denial that loves to argue, "Who determines what is right?" You already know the answer to that one. Everyone alive knows what is right. The more honest question is, "who is willing to tell the truth about what is right." To ask is merely another face of an old game that attempts to deny responsibility for the horrendous hurt to society, beginning with your family. Even children know what is right. And so do every one of our politicians.
In our day of extended life spans, we should never elect a president younger than 65 years of age. Everything tells us this is the beginning of the years of wisdom. The media, which taught us to laugh at the elderly, as was the case with Ronald Reagan, was but a clever means of escaping the demands of wisdom, in favor of what we have today volatile, global politics convenience. Convenient, poll-politics is where we do whatever we want and pass laws to justify it. Wisdom would not pass another law to protect marriage, like the one being crafted by lawmakers, without an honest, national discussion about who and why marriage needs special protection. The same politicians who put marriage in peril now want you to think highly of them for flitting with the constitution to protect marriage. This is like certifying oxygen! How hypocritical. We must throw out these counterfeit conservatives and elect genuine conservatives who have more substance than to live for no higher purpose than to out wit liberals. This is politically pathological, rippling to every other American institution, especially families.
Everything, from the Hubble telescope roaming an endless cosmos to the discovery of perfectly engineered DNA, tells us that we were made with an unmistakable genius. A lack of direct contact with the Maker can be seen everywhere, but nowhere is it more evident than government first the relationship between men, women and children, a close second. We've thrown away all our fig leaves and don't even pretend to cover our spiritual nakedness as we stumble in drunkenness from so much knowledge that psychiatrists have become busy treating people who suffer from information overload and an epidemic of attention deficit disorder. No sane man can ignore the overwhelming evidence that intelligence made everything. To believe deceitful experts instead of what is obvious to any man's own senses is the first stumble down a rat hole with no bottom.
Men have allowed high-speed connections to replaced wisdom. Sex masquerades as love. All our getting has blocked the way to reason, while most people delude themselves into believing that their relentless anxiety can be handled by the newest painkiller. Designer politicians and judges are like the Osborne family with no sense of up or down. The light of our once bright destiny is dulling with increasing acceleration. Enemies have penetrated the gate and now live among us. The vile affections spoken of long ago are normalized, while decency is challenged as rightwing and intolerant. Still, all is not lost.
The road back will be slow, laborious and painful. Foreign and domestic pushers will do everything they can to offer us a variety of political, social and entertainment sedatives. But if we don't flinch, they will. The wonderful thing about life is that no matter the breach, healing comes to whoever is willing to reverse course. The first step is to take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself, am I the man I should be? If you can answer truthfully you are on your way. A light will come on and nothing will ever be the same where you live. Stay the course.
© 2003 Emanuel McLittle - All Rights Reserved

Emanuel McLittle has a Masters Degree and two decades of experience in Counseling Psychology. His keen insight, developed over 24 years, makes him qualified to deliver honest, unambiguous guidance.

2 - Stats from 60 years of Feminist lead Bureaucratic Parenting

From: Maxim Institute [maxim@maxim.org.nz]
Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2003 2:04 PM
Subject: Maxim Institute - real issues - No. 86

Maxim Institute

real issues.
this week: No. Eighty-Six 23 OCTOBER 2003

Real Issues looks at some facts
Due to a staff event, we take a different approach with Real Issues
this week. The following trends and statistics in family and education are
a motivation for Maxim to search for a better way.

* New Zealand has the developed world's highest rate of births outside of
marriage (44%), and the third highest teenage birth rate (after the USA
and UK).

* 27% of New Zealand children grow up in fatherless homes.

* Since 1970 the rate of marriage has decreased 66%, while the divorce rate
has tripled.

* Our birth rate is 1.9 births per women; this is lower than needed to
replace our current population without migration.

* New Zealand is spending at least $5.7 billion a year as a direct
consequence of family breakdown - that's 5.5 percent of our Gross National
Product (or $3,000 for every taxpayer).

* 110,000 people receive the Domestic Purposes Benefit which also supports
190,000 children.

* In 1970 there were 28 full-time workers for every person on a full-time
benefit (excluding superannuation). Today only four workers support
each beneficiary.

* Australian government research has found that for every dollar spent on a
child brought up in a two-parent family, the government spends $10 on a
child brought up in a single-parent family.

* The largest government department is the Ministry of Social Development,
which oversees a budget of $13 billion for welfare.

* Since 1960 central government spending per head of population (in today's
dollar terms) has increased 660 percent on education.

* 20% of school leavers in 2002 did not have any formal qualifications.

* The 2001 International Progress in Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) reveals
serious weaknesses in literacy levels and ranked New Zealand children 13th
in overall reading comprehension.

* New Zealand's PIRLS performance placed it near the bottom of the ladder
among English-speaking countries. This trend represents a decline from its
performance in similar studies carried out in earlier years (1970 and 1991).

* A UNICEF league table of educational disadvantage shows that New Zealand
has one of the poorest rankings for 'bottom end inequality' - a measure of
the extent of the difference in achievement between children at the bottom
and at the middle of each country's achievement range. Only Belgium
scored lower.

* 19% of New Zealand 15 year-olds (11,000 of 59,000) are performing well
according to a fixed international benchmark for reading literacy.

* Only 51 percent of New Zealand Year 9 (Form 3) pupils have mathematics
teachers who have studied that subject as a component of their degree.

* Of the 1999 teaching graduates, 34 percent had left the profession within
two years.

* In 2002, there were 395 'stand-downs' (suspensions) as a result of
assaults on staff. This is up from 344 in 2001 and 361 in 2000.

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