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Policies - Hodge believes ethnic minorities and fathers cannot
parent without help

Hodge ignores the proper research again, political correctness says that mothers know automatically how to parent:

£15m to boost parenting skills

May 11 2004
The Western Mail

A £15m fund to help teach parents the skills needed to bring up their children was unveiled by the Government yesterday.
A national family charity will distribute the cash to voluntary organisations in a bid to improve the support available to parents.
The major grants, up to £350,000 each, will be targeted at groups such as ethnic minority families and fathers who often have less support available to them.
The Parenting Fund was announced by Minister for Children Margaret Hodge.
The money, available in England only, will be distributed over two years.
Ms Hodge said, "Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs we do in life, yet support and help is often not readily available.
"Parents are the most important influence on a child's life and good parenting in the home has a greater impact on a child's education attainment level than any other factor.
"Most parents turn first to family or friends for support, but sometimes they may want extra help. We need to make sure that support is available to parents, when and where they need it."
The National and Family Parenting Institute will hand out the money.
Chief executive Mary MacLeod said, "Support for families and parenting are key to improving outcomes for children and this fund will help to demonstrate what can be achieved if resources are directed to supporting families through voluntary organisations."

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