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Research - children - Children in care outcome study
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The main findings are as follows:
1 At 30 September 2003 there were 44,900 children who had been looked after continuously for at least twelve months by English local authorities. This
compares to 44,100 at 30 September 2002.

2 35,100 of these children were of school age and of these 27% had SEN statements, 12% missed at least 25 days of school, and 1% received a permanent exclusion. These percentages were similar to last year.

3 On average 53% of those looked after children in the appropriate age group achieved level 2 at Key Stage 1, 42% level 4 at Key Stage 2 and 23% level 5 at Key Stage 3. The comparable percentages for all children were 85%, 78% and 69% respectively.

4 The proportion of children continuously looked after for at least 12 months aged 11 and obtaining KS2 English and Maths was 49% of the proportion of all
children. This compares with 46% in 2002.

5 In school year 11, 53% of looked after children obtained at least one GCSE or GNVQ compared with 95% of all school children. These figures were similar to
last year. 43% did not sit an examination of this type in 2003 compared with 42% in 2002.

6 9% obtained at least 5 GCSE’s (or equivalent) at grades A*- C compared with 53% of all children. This compares to 8% and 52% in 2002. 15% of councils had at least 15% of their children achieving this level in 2003. This compares with 13% in 2002.

7 At the end of school year 11, 57% remained in fulltime education compared to 72% of all school-leavers. 22% were unemployed the September after leaving
school compared to 7% of all school-leavers.

8 10% of these looked after children aged 10 or over, were cautioned or convicted for an offence during the year, 3 times the rate for all children of this age. This rate has stayed very similar over the past 2 years.

9 For 72% of these looked after children immunisations were up to date, 75% had a dental check, and 75% had an annual health assessment. In 2002
these figures were 73%, 72% and 71% respectively

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