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Research - Coroners court and inquest findings

source: Home office website 06/03/03

7. By sex the picture by cause of death is slightly different, with males (as in previous years) making up around 71 per cent of all verdicts but 96 per cent of verdicts of death from industrial disease, 76 per cent of verdicts of suicide and 86 per cent of verdicts of death from drugs. For females, the second most common verdict after death by accident or misadventure (52 per cent of all female verdicts) was death from natural causes (19 per cent).

Figure 6: Number of verdicts returned at inquests, by sex, England and Wales, 2000

Inquest held: Males Females Total
with post-mortem 17,010 7,107 24,117
without post-mortem 422 318 740
Total 17,432 7,425 24,857

Table 2: Verdicts returned at inquests, 2000 England and Wales Number of verdicts Verdict Males Females Total Number per 10,000 registered deaths.

Homicide, of which: Per 10,000 Males Females Total
killed unlawfully 114 64 178 3.3
killed lawfully 3 1 4 0.1
Suicide 2,772 854 3,626 67.4
Open verdicts 1,728 721 2,449 45.5


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