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Shocking News

"Today's shocking news in cork, Ireland of the father of three children, who died this Tuesday morning, after dousing himself in petrol and setting himself alight in a solicitors office, is horrifying and very, very sad" said Ray Kelly, founder of USFI
"how many more desperate acts must our families endure before we change this shameful Irish family law system
-which foists fatherlessness on an industrial basis- and
causes wholesale damage to families"
"our thoughts and prayers are with this man's family"
said David Whyte, chairperson of USFI
"we urge justice minister Mcdowell and those engaged in family law
to work together to end this policy of depriving children and extended families of their fathers"
Press contacts:
Unmarried And Separated Fathers Of Ireland
Ray Kelly, founder, 086 887 9444
David Whyte, chairperson, 086 261 2400
Pat O’Donovan, pro, 087 935 7571

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