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Whatever your skills, experience & background, ELC needs you

No matter who you are or what you do, whatever your aspirations, whatever your skills, we can all make a real difference to people's lives, health and a better environment.

Please make a contribution by getting involved in some of the many exciting and worthwhile projects at ELC.

If you are a student (undergraduate or postgraduate or at school) or someone looking to gain (or give ELC) some experience, we have a number of places available on various projects related to medicine, science, health, environment, law, IT, computers and the Internet.

Whatever your discipline, you will find working with ELC rewarding and fulfilling.

Volunteering as an Expert Witness
If you are a lawyer, scientist or work in the medical or social field, your expert services to those with little means can be a lifeline. Please fill-in the volunteering form below or write to us.
The information that you provide will be treated strictly in confidence. No details will be forwarded to any other organisation or individual.
Full Name
Post Code
E mail
Where did you hear about ELC?
Please tell us something about yourself, your skills, experience and in what capacity you would like to volunteer for ELC.
We look forward to working with you and hope that you will find volunteering for ELC a rewarding and enriching experience.




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